Welcome to new owners.

Dalraddy is a family friendly park that extends to 96 acres so there is much to explore and enjoy from woods and trails to hills and views.

Team changes:

Vanessa has left us to explore new pastures; we wish her well and thank her for all she has done for us.

Marie has joined us from Edinburgh and is looking forward to learning all about Holiday Parks, caravans and camping – please be gentle!

Sarah Monro has left the `hill` , the higher ground to join us , we just hope she doesn’t suffer too much from inverted `bends`!


Shop Opening :

The opening hours  9am – 5pm for the winter months.


Open Day:

It is always good to see so many people at the Open Day, such an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new people; thanks to so many for attending.


Drain down / Water on:

This year the drain-down dates are Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd October.  The fee is £25.00 (+ antifreeze and VAT) for both these services on these dates.  (weather dependant. Out with these dates the charge is £50.00 per service ( +antifreeze and VAT)

The water-on dates for next year will be 29th March 2018

Please see attached form, complete and return to us if you wish to avail yourself of these services.



We are delighted with the new roads that are in the process of being updated, the roadmen will be returning in September to complete the task.  A wee reminder that the speed limit of 10 miles per hour holds throughout the park; this  allows free range children safety in play, it also reduces the arrival of the potholes and reduces the dust created that mars the enjoyment of guests on their decks. Thank you for your consideration.


Replacing Static Vans

The procedures for replacing caravans are being reviewed and all new purchases must go through the office.

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes on the Park are under review as we are aware that some dishes will need to be moved.



BHHPA (British Holiday and Home Park Association) are currently reviewing leases. Once this is completed DHP will be sending out revised  leases.



It has been brought to our attention that there has been subletting of some chalets. Please remember that this contravenes park rules.


Gas and insurance Certificates:

Please send us a copy of your gas and insurance certificates as they are renewed.



If you have friends or family coming to your property and want us to hand out keys we ask you to let us know in advance so we only hand your keys out to the people you want us to.



There is a lot of mail accumulating in the office of late. If it is not collected by 1st October it will be returned to sender, labeled `unknown at this address`. We appreciate that some mail has to come here, but can this be kept to a minimum, thank you.

Please come and collect all mail.


Dog care
Dogs are welcome under tight control. For the continued enjoyment of the park for all, please pick up after your dog. There are ten bins sited around the park for your convenience.


Dalraddy in summer


Best wishes,  Dalraddy team, Sarah, Gillian, Marie and Jude