Welcome to new owners.

Dalraddy is a family friendly park that extends to 97 acres so there is much to explore and enjoy from woods and trails to hills and views.

Shop Opening Hours:

The opening hours are 9am – 5pm for the winter months. The shop will be closed on Christmas Day and New years day.

Winter Social

You are invited to join us on Saturday 15th December 4 – 6.00 pm. Time for a festive  catch up with old friends, sample mince pies and enjoy mulled wine.


There is a lot of mail accumulating in the office of late. If it is not collected within a week it will be returned to sender, labeled `unknown at this address`. We appreciate that some mail has to come here, but can this be kept to a minimum, thank you.


The speed limit on the park is there to protect free range children and the local wildlife that we enjoy so much. Please keep to the 10 mile an hour speed limit.

Double-check valves
Any static van that does not have a double check valve will need to install them as they are legal requirements of Scottish Water. They should be installed before the water is turned on for the summer for those who have drained down this winter; otherwise the valves need to be in place as soon as possible.

Gas and insurance Certificates:

Please send us a copy of your gas and insurance certificates as they are renewed.

Friends and Family

When letting friends use your properties can you please ensure that you hand over your, or a spare set of, keys to your friends. Legally we are obliged to have one set of keys for all properties on the premises and are thus unable to release them to friends and family. We do not want to inconvenience anyone.

Best wishes,
Dalraddy team, Sarah, Gillian, Marie and Jude